Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I confess I didn't know that Charles Krautheimer was also a psychiatrist in a previous life. So, when he referred to Obama as a "Narcissist", I took the remark to be layman punditry. But when a number of other psychiatrists and psychologists started voicing the same opinion, it was worth a closer look.

Indeed, Obama appears to closely pattern the major symptoms of Narcissism - a mental defect best understood as "being head over heels in love with yourself".

Obama was the first black editor of his Law Review, so when asked by a publisher to do a book on "race relations", he did an autobiography of himself instead... so early in his youth he had literally not much to write about.

We are reminded about another famous Narcissist, Adolph Hitler, who did the same thing... writing Mein Kampf before he had ever actually accomplished anything of note.

Well, at least that makes him pretty predictable. Everything he does or will do in the future will be calculated to make him as loved by the public as much as he loves himself.

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