Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Looking back at "History"

I was cleaning out some old email, and found the below item which I sent out to some of my friends on Feb. 29th, 2008. Interesting to note how my initial reaction and prediction was spot on.

Here's the email:


"As town meeting day and the primary draws closer here in Vermont, I saw my first Obama commercial last night. I found him to be quite charming and imbued with a terrific charisma. He had a classic message of improving education, ending poverty, and bringing world peace through dialog and reason with the rest of the world. I instinctively liked the fellow.

I think his message is going to attract a fairly strong following, particularly among those of lower intelligence, and those with limited to non-existent understanding of the complex and extremely dynamic socioeconomic systems which dictate the human behavior of our culture. He could well end up our next President.

I do wish he had included among his promises one of my personal old-time favorites... that one about everyone having two chickens in every pot.

I really miss that one ..."

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